ATTN: Photographers

I’m in the stages of creating a webzine/photography publication with a friend of mine and we’re looking for photographers to submit work.  There is no fee, but there are no rewards (except that we choose you for the upcoming publication).  We’re not positive on how many photographers we will include in each issue but we hope to have the first one out by the summer.  The first issue will most likely have something like Five or so photographers.  What we’re looking for: mostly emerging photographers, but if the work is solid and strong, we won’t turn it down.  UP TO 15 images that are part of a SERIES.  This does not mean 15 of the most random images you have on your hard drive, they must be a part of a series that has a connecting bond between them all.  Landscapes, urban, journalism, documentary, multimedia-give it to us.  Anything that intrigues the mind and evokes thought is what we’re interested in.  For the sake of keeping this somewhat cohesive we’re more than likely not going to accept any generic or run of the mill fashion, marketing, or product photography, sorry!  

We will email all who ARE chosen for publication.  Unfortunately, I cannot give you a time frame as to when that will happen, but it will be done.  Temporarily, you can submit your compressed folder with images/text document to:


- up to 15 images at 100 dpi in a .zip or .rar folder

- each image sequenced the way you want them sequenced with each photo having a filename as follows: last name_first name_image number

i.e Milano_Johnny_01

- We encourage, but not require, you to submit a text document in the compressed folder describing your body of work.  Nothing spectacular, a few paragraphs at most.  Feel free to include a bio if you have one.