Long Term Project...

So as a requirement for ICP we’re to develop a long term project that lasts typically from January to June, but they really don’t expect people to work on it until late January/February.  My story is focused around the role of white nationalism and white supremacy in contemporary America.  Xenophobia has certainly become more and more of a dominant reality in our society, specifically with policies concerning immigration reform.  In the past 10-15 years there has been an incredibly strong transfer of public support towards the ultra conservative, i.e the Tea Party, the conservative majority in the H.O.R etc.  In less than two years there has been a huge increase in support of controversial immigration policies in various states, the largest being in Arizona in 2010 with SB 1070 and more recently in Kentucky with SB 6.  The scope of this project follows two main premises that are as follows: White Nationalists are no longer a fringe group consisting of men running around in white hoods and burning crosses, they are more educated and are more active in their community than many traditionally think, and are quite more contemporary relevant and relatable to much of the trending public opinion.  

I could continue on with this but as it stands right now, my project has hit a brick wall, with my fixer closing me out and leaving me little option but to look somewhere else in a different group of similar ideology.  I’ve been in contact with several other groups but this really needs to start kicking off the ground.  I didn’t allow myself to have a backup plan, seeing as I couldn’t give myself the option to think that way.  It was either all or nothing and I wouldn’t go half assed into this project thinking “if this doesn’t work out at least I have x”, because it would have failed before I even go off the ground.  The project started off great, with an incredible interview from the National Socialist Movement.  

That was about two weeks ago, and since then I’ve been effectively locked out of NSM, although not explicitly.  The avenues of which to go down are running thin and my social life has disappeared.  I’m struggling with myself, my friends, my family, and my work.  Hard times comin your way.