"WHY because the word "WEDDING" is involved photographers think they can change you $ 3,000.00 for wedding photos?"

I just read this craigslist posting and started fuming more or less.  And people wonder what’s so horrendous about shooting weddings? Dealing with incompetence like this.  I won’t go off on a tangent but below is an email I had sent:  


I'm just emailing you to inform you how uninformed, misguided, ignorant, and downright offensive your posting is/was.  The role of a wedding photographer has drastically changed to keep up with the pace of amateurs who will shoot weddings for $600.  As a result people like yourself have driven the value of great quality imagery down to a point where you would rather settle.  As difficult as it is for you to comprehend that photographers are entrepreneurs and most of the time never have a continuous source of income, it's necessary that you understand that working professional photographers depend on this as their livelihood.  Those of us that do depend on this as a source of income (to provide for families mind you) require that we charge the prices that we do.  You're not paying someone to just "run around taking pictures all day".  It's a process.  It's still art, albeit a different form.  You're not only paying for a few hundred images and a sickeningly adorable photo of you and your grade school sweetheart wrapped up in roses.  You're paying for the process, the equipment, the mental preparedness, the photographer's intuition, and his vision (not to mention the 7+ hour work day THEN the subsequent days in selecting, editing, and processing thousands of images).  Think of it in a more long term example.  If $3,000 for a photographer to shoot your wedding is "wack" I'd assume you'd adore the above price tag of someone shooting your wedding for $600.  Fast forward 5+ years: Every shmuck with a camera is now shooting weddings with a price tag of $1,000 or less thus driving down the value and demand for quality professionals who have been in the field for a long time (your logic seems to think it amazing how these photographers have lasted charging what they do!).  After some time, what are you left with?  A photographic community that has either been completely abandoned and scorned by the professional community who now cannot find work.  This photographic community is now made up of amateurs, hobbyists, and those looking to make pocket money and what are you left with? Images that look like shit. This is not a hobby for us.  Some may consider it one (and this is not, by all means, a bad thing) but we do not, so we'd appreciate it if you wouldn't treat it as such.

Johnny Milano