Occupy Wall Street Movement. What was it all about? Was it a revolution or an anarchistic protest? Was it just nothing but another demonstration? Does it still exist? Has it been faded away or streamed into grassroots movements? Should I say ‘is’ instead of ‘was’?
Why did they join OWS? What were they looking for? What did they expect? What did they achieve? How OWS influenced or changed their lives?
Since the beginning of OWS, I have been following this whole movement with my camera to witness it and to find answers for myself. Sometimes I tried to keep a distance from protesters; sometimes I tried to be their microphone and speaker with my camera; sometimes I felt like I had belief in this movement; sometimes I felt like I was being confused by everything from it.
I still haven’t found proper answers. I just keep looking at these pictures.

An interesting multimedia from a dear colleague of mine.  What is OWS to you?